From students to fiancées to the gainfully employed, Baird Law offers a full range of immigration services to assist you with obtaining legal entry, legal status to stay, and legal work authorization in this country.

Immigration law can be confusing and complex, and the consequences for misunderstanding it can be dire. Our extensive knowledge of immigration law makes us the right choice to stand by your side as your legal counsel every step of the way.

Just like with tax matters, timing is of the essence in immigration. Having a lawyer by your side from the very beginning can save a lot of money, time, and trouble by finding the best options and getting it right the first time. Be proactive and save money and time. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation.

Immigration Services We Provide


J and F visas are intended for foreign students studying in the U.S., but being admitted to a U.S. educational institution is only the first step in the student visa process. Even after starting school, there are a multitude of compliance issues, including the need to maintain good academic standing, avoid criminal charges, and comply with work authorization requirements.

Foreign students studying in the U.S. can be eligible to work while in school, and even after graduation, through the CPT and OPT programs that are offered by your visa. If you find yourself struggling with the required filings, or have questions you can’t answer, contact us.

Baird Law can help you with your pre- and post-graduation immigration needs. Give us a call today to take advantage of the free initial consultation.


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